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Sequences & Series





Complex Numbers

Permutations & Combinations

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Quadratic Equations

Remainder & Factor Theorems

Trigonometric Identities

Partial Fraction

Cover Up Rule

Polynomial Division

Sequences and Series

Arithmetic Progression (worked solution)

Arithmetic Progression

Geometric Progression


Sigma Notation

Simplifying Expressions involving Summation

Method of Differences

Binomial Expansion

Binomial Expansion (worked solution)

Range of Validity



Rational Functions

Graphs of y = | f(x) |, f( | x | ), 1 / f(x)

Transformation of Graphs

Composition of Transformations

Summary of Transformations

Solving Inequalities

Test Point Method

Inequalities with Modulus Signs

Inequalities by Graphical Method


Domain & Range of a Function

Composite Function Animation

Composite Function

Graph of Composite & Inverse Functions



Derivative from First Principle

Stationary Points

Graph of Derivative

Tangents & Normals

Parametric Equations

Integration by Standard Form

Splitting the Numerator

Integration by Parts

Area of Rectangles under a Curve

Solids of Revolution

Maclaurin Series (common functions)

Maclaurin Series (for any function)

Differential Equation (Growth Model)

Differential Equation (Rate In - Rate Out)


Ratio Theorem

Dot Product

Cross Product

Vector Equation of a Line

Equation of a Line in Cartesian form


Vector Problems involving Points & Lines

Vector Problems involving Points & Planes

Vector Problems involving Lines & Planes

Complex Numbers

Modulus & Argument

Argand Diagram

Permutations & Combinations

Problems involving Choosing:

Choose People (Pictorial)

Choose People

Choose Boys & Girls

Choose to form Groups

Problems involving Arranging:

Arrange People

Arrange Boys & Girls

Arrange Around a Circular Table

Arrange Letters


Here are some Microsoft Excel Statistical Simulations: (Click each link and then press F9 on your keyboard)
1 Die to simulate the tossing of 1 die
2 Dice to simulate the tossing of 2 dice
Balls to simulate the drawing of balls
Coins to simulate the tossing of coins
Suits to simulate the drawing of cards according to suits
Card to simulate the drawing of cards according to suits & values
Central Limit: 1, 3 to demonstrate the Central Limit Theorem for a symmetrical Distribution
Central Limit: 1, 1, 1, 3 to demonstrate the Central Limit Theorem for a skewed Distribution

Probability (Card)

Probability (Dice)

Tree Diagram

Discrete Random Variables


Binomial & Normal Distributions

Normal Distribution

Sums, Multiples and Means of Normal Variables

Unbiased Estimates

Z Test

Z Test (Conclusion given)

Linear Regression

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